Fascinated by words and narratives ever since her first teenage poems were published, Bernice Lever keeps reading, writing and sharing words. Always curious about life in all its aspects, her poems range over many topics. She has also published a couple of non-fiction books e.g. The Waiting Room. Today she often focuses on peaceful themes with World Peace Poets.

Recent Publication News –2018: 

 Bernice Lever was one of the League of Canadian Poets who won a Poem in Your Pocket contest in 2017. Her poem, “Not Just My Bunions” was from her 1979 book, “Yet Woman I Am”.  To find out more about Poem in Your Pocket Day, April 26, to read the full selection of poems, or to get more Poem in Your Pocket postcards, visit: poets.ca/pocketpoem.

“Delicate Impact” anthology of The Ontario Poetry Society, Canada for 2018, edited by April Bulmer included 4 of my poems.

“World Poetry Almanac” 2015-2016 with 116 poets from 77 countries, included 2 poems of mine and a short interview. Edited by Hadaa Sendoo, this English edition has 240 pp.

Others poems accepted for 2 publications by LUMMOX anthologies for fall 2018, edited by RD Armstrong of San Pedro, California  and James Deahl of Sarnia, Ontario.

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