Fascinated by words and narratives ever since her first teenage poems were published, Bernice Lever keeps reading, writing and sharing words. Always curious about life in all its aspects, her poems range over many topics. She has also published a couple of non-fiction books e.g. The Waiting Room. Today she often focuses on peaceful themes with World Peace Poets.

Recent Publication News –2018: 

 Bernice Lever was one of the League of Canadian Poets who won a Poem in Your Pocket contest in 2017. Her poem, “Not Just My Bunions” was from her 1979 book, “Yet Woman I Am”.  To find out more about Poem in Your Pocket Day, April 26, to read the full selection of poems, or to get more Poem in Your Pocket postcards, visit: poets.ca/pocketpoem.

“Delicate Impact” anthology of The Ontario Poetry Society, Canada for 2018, edited by April Bulmer included 4 of my poems.

“World Poetry Almanac” 2015-2016 with 116 poets from 77 countries, included 2 poems of mine and a short interview. Edited by Hadaa Sendoo, this English edition has 240 pp.

Others poems accepted for 2 publications by LUMMOX anthologies for fall 2018, edited by RD Armstrong of San Pedro, California  and James Deahl of Sarnia, Ontario.

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  1. I have asked to be editor of my own site this spring 2019 & paid for that—but my $’s were sent back ! Then I was told I had to choose & pay for a designer. Host Papa is willing to do the connect for Word Press to drop their connect to Host Papa for my site which ended in March 2019!

    Otherwise I am not doing anything more as an 83 yr. old who is busy writing and publishing books with my support of past fans since the 1960’s in Ontario and BC.

    Sincerely, Bernice Lever Bernice Lever bernice.words@gmail.com 865B Hummingbird Lane, Bowen, Island, BC VON IGI


  2. I want to talk to Word Press office in Ontario, Canada only. Blessings for Advent and 2020 to You and Yours, great granny Bernice of 83 years. Bernice Lever bernice.words@gmail.com 865B Hummingbird Lane, Bowen, Island, BC VON IGI


  3. All will be operating soon. Sadly my own health has held progress back this last 2 months. Yet I still get praise from many English teachers world wide how helpful my system is for them, including some ESL university and college professors. Yes, I am finishing my 11th poetry book manuscript ready for my publisher. All this started with a European form trying to take money from my bank account so I would have a 5th years with them – by asking for Euro dollars & my bank closed my account. I had said I was stopping my website email address with them. Now we are separated OK. I will carry on with Word Press happily. I have also published prose books. Bernice Lever. >

  4. I wish to enliven my own website that I have had for about 10 years. 4 1/2 years ago, I got a HOST PAPA email address connected to Word PRESS which had been great service.

    I tried to return BACK to my Wood Press site and have a new gmail address! BUT HOST PAPA refused and tried to take more money from my account, but my TD bank closed my account to stop them! So I had to create new sites! I argued via emails for months until HOST PAPA agreed to switch my international 1 year payment of $17 yearly to Word Press. NOW word press will not let me continue but wants me to have a new site??

    Such a mess … I will pay today for a private BLOG site or whatever…to keep my BIO. and information as a busy pushed writer—but I do not need a fancy design or someone telling me what to announce . Yes, I have customers and many more fans as I am a LIFE member of many writing organizations, so y NEWS and events reach some several 1,000 of writers each month, many of whom are looking for editing and publishing advice… last year I did consider retiring from this business as I edited for WAVES journal at York University from 1972 on…1987.

    Thus after 30+ years —long before my own website, I was accumulating many fans. My fees are not high and even free questions over the phone.

    As a freelance writer and editor, I continued to get small publications and writer contest awards, so I can succeed without a website. I will have more time for my own Archives and perhaps more travel and fun time.

    My advice, explore your own creativity & do not expect your “joy” will pay your dream life style. I focus on PEACE & JUSTICE poems: “care & share’ to the MAX. BERNICE


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  6. Thank you for your kind words–I have had a 1 yr. and 4 months struggle with Host Papa and Word Press to let me be just WORD PRESS again , so I said GOOD BYE. TODAY— my website title international is for sale from Host Papa for $19,97 —- Enjoy it & use it. I give my book away now as I am 84 yrs. old and will focus on just my poetry sales and contests and further publishing in audio or e-print or other inventions to come. Hot weather here in blue skies and sunshine on this little Island, 30 min. ferry ride from West Vancouver, BC. I live alone and have a fab. life here with many local creative people who also follow current rules of distance living and avoid the Covis 19 FLU! Good Luck to you, sir. Bernice Ann Lever – busy with her 3 following levels of descendants.

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