Welcome to my world!

bernice-smallacts400My 10th poetry book, SMALL ACTS, was published in December 2016.

It is also my 7th book published by fine poet, photographer and publisher Marty Gervais and his crew at Black Moss Press, Ontario, Canada.

Themes: Peace amid war, love poems, injustices of people attacking people or their own natural environments, faith, silly Facebook addiction, and more.

Calm acceptance can flourish
to true compassion
then loving actions
lead to Peace
     – Bernice Lever

Fascinated by words and narratives as long as my memories have recorded, I keep reading, writing and sharing words. Always curious about life in all its aspects, my poems range over many topics.

“Bernice is unflinching  as she shares an almost holy awareness of our human condition. Her poems are a baptism of clarity about who we are in this time and this place. Yet she loves us through our foibles and missteps with poems that remind us of our humanity and connection to our natural world and to each other. Throughout this collection, Bernice pours out “watered words for our arid hearts.”    
        – Carla Shafer, Founder: Chuckanutsandstone Poets, Bellingham, WA

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