2017: Awarded Nehru Humanitarian Award from the University of British Columbia  & The Goel Family Charitable Foundation in recognition of outstanding service to Writer’s International Network on Nov. 13, Nehru’s birthday anniversary.

2015: October 15, Bernice’s ‘Mr. Bellini’ was awarded first place for a comedy writer by audience vote at the initial evening of “Comedy Quickies” at Whistler Writers’ Festival.

Pix of Bernice Lever

Bernice receives “Teaching and Learning Peace Award” in Feb. 2015

2015: March 28,  “Writer’s Lifetime Achievement Award” from Writers International Network, 4th annual festival, led by Ashok Bhargava, at the Richmond Cultural Centre in Richmond, BC.

Bernice Lever pix with Pandora's Collective

Pandora’s Collective’s Bonnie Nish presents a cake and gift at a special evening in Bernice’s honour in February 2015

2015: February, at Cottage Bistro, Pandora’s Collective gave an evening of gifts, songs, poems, pictures and much praise for Bernice’s writing and support of other Vancouver area writers. (left)

2015: February 28, given the “Teaching and Learning Peace Award” by the International Peace Poets Society of Bellingham, WA, USA. This group is an ally of World Poetry Society in Vancouver, BC. Bernice Lever’s poems were also included in “Peace Poets” international anthology of 42 poets launched that day.(right)

2012: August, The Canadian Authors Association AWARD was presented to Bernice Lever in recognition of her 40 years of membership.

2009: February, awarded the title:  Lifetime Member by The Ontario Poetry  Society, with Canada wide members and an office in Toronto, Ontario.

2008: February 29, Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Poetry Society and Vancouver Public Library, with a “Wise Woman” medallion.

2007: October 19 , Surrey International Writers Conference from Surrey Board of Trade: SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 2007 to Bernice Lever in recognition of your work as a writer and your significant contribution to the community of writers.

2004: June, The Allan Sangster Award for outstanding dedication and service to the Canadian Authors Association to Bernice Lever.

2000: July, Honorary Lifetime Member awarded by the Canadian Poetry Association.

Also named Life Member in the League of Canadian Poets (same year as Earle Birney).

1993: May, Annual Arts Award for the Town of Richmond Hill, Ontario, for 25 years of volunteer service: mainly with Richvale Writers.

1980’s: WAVES, Fine Canadian Writing, magazine contributors won 3 National Magazine awards – 3 Firsts for Fiction, and 2 runner-ups for poetry in 5 years. Bernice Lever was an Editor and Publisher from 1972 to 1987.

Bernice Lever has been given several Prizes, Honorable Mentions and Short Listings of Winners from poetry contests over the decades, including the Wm. Henry Drummond Award, first prize in 2008.


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